The Reagan Years Up their Game

The Reagan Years uped their music game on Saturday night at the Tally Ho Theater in Leesburg, Va. introducing their fans to the band’s new full horns section.  The band jumped right in showcasing the section with Phil Collins” “Something happen on the way to Heaven” followed up with Huey Lewis and News “I want a new drug.”  Throughout the night the band featured numerous 80’s songs with the brass section mixing in their traditonal 80’s set-list along the way. The band finished the night with a soaring rendition of Earth, Wind, and Fire “September.”

With the addition of the horns section the Reagan Years have allowed themselves to open the 80 music vault to endless possibilities allowing their fans to experience not only the pop and dance songs, but a wider variety of 80’music not played by other 80’s band in the DC metro area. In this instance, The Reagan Years have broke away from the pack allowing themselves to evolve and over time bring in new fans to the band’s performances. This is truly an amazing 80’s show.

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