It’s All About the 80’s Music

Music plays a huge part of our lives – most everyone has a personal soundtrack for important events, periods of life, or emotions we experience. Those of us who came of age in the 80’s – and there are a lot of us! – are very lucky that so many of our favorite bands and artists are still with us, and sometimes we are fortunate enough to see them perform live, but sometimes we can’t.

So what are we to do when we hanker for a night of dancing to our favorite songs and singing along with a few hundred other 80’s music lovers? That’s right – we go see a great cover or tribute band! 80’s music is bigger than it has ever been and has given rise to 80’s cover and tribute bands through the United States and around the World.

Tribute bands and performers keep the music alive – sometimes literally. When a great musician is no longer with us, it’s awesome to hear their music performed and to be able to share in experiencing it with fellow fans.

Tribute and cover performers make the music accessible to many, and performing covers makes it possible for more musicians to make it. When a cover is performed well and authentically, it can be as enjoyable as the original when we first heard it. 101 the 80’s has had the privilege over these past two years to see great cover and tribute performers such as The Legwarmers, New Romance, The Reagan Years, Jessie’s Girl, and Southern Accents to name of few. There are many 80’s cover and tribute bands out there keeping 80’s music alive giving a new generation the opportunity to hear the greatest music from the most awesome decade!

Bottom line: it’s all about the 80’s music.

We love 80’s music so much we run 101the80s.com, so we can share our favorite music with everyone! Tell us about your favorite cover and tribute performers and we’ll add their events to our calendar so others can love them, too.

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